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EnDeCo Two Firmware Changelog

Firmware Release/REL5 - Web UI v1.5

General performance improvements and UI additions

• NDI|HX is no longer a paid add-on and is included free of charge with EnDeCo!

The firmware update enables this. You will find a NDI tab in the Streams section as well as NDI|HX Decode under tools. For more information about both, please refer to the product manual, here on the Wiki.

• Improved overall CPU efficiency as well as decoding efficiency.

• Added hostname field to System Settings, this will serve as both the devices network hostname, as well as appears as the page title in the browser, allowing for easy identification across multiple units.

• Added STREAM ID function to the SRT stream options

Additionally, SRT streams configured as listener will appear in the Stream URL list Advice: Previously when a SRT stream was configured as listener, the system default the IP to This has been changed to accept whatever is in the IP field of the settings page. Doing this now allows you to set what network interface the SRT listener, should be listening on, as opposed to (all interfaces). You can of course use if you wish to.

HDMI Output Page

• Added live preview to the HDMI Output configuration page

• Changed HDMI Output configuration page to save on change

Revised and improved the Remote Assistance system

This opens an encrypted tunnel to our server from your device, allowing us to access the unit during technical support. Control for opening and closing the network tunnel is fully controlled from the end user and requires them to supply our support team with a code to enable us to complete the connection.

New UI configuration options found under System Settings

• Source Preview - This displays a live preview of active Sources much like the home page, except on the Sources page.

Handy for seeing changes made to sources quickly. Turning it on will show the preview, turning it off will suppress previews on the Sources page.

• High or Low Preview FPS - Select between live source previews being delivered at 2FPS or 0.5FPS (1 frame every 2 seconds). High FPS mode does use more bandwidth and slightly more CPU, whereas low FPS mode is suitable when working in low-medium bandwidth situations, where you don't want to eat up all your available bandwidth with webpage previews.

• Advanced Encoding Options (On/Off). When activated this displays advanced encoding options as an additional tab on the Sources page.

Group Network Management

Under System → Group Management

This section allows you to easily search for and view the status of any EnDeCo encoder on your network, as well as viewing all available active source streams.

Further work will be done in this area to expand the search function to include any Tailscale enabled encoders in the future. Currently it only searches your local LAN network.

Tailscale Client Changes

Tailscale Authentication by Pre-Auth key.

Pre-Auth keys can be generated from your Tailscale account settings area and allow authentication/connection to Tailscale without the use of the Web page and login method.

This can be useful in scenarios where you want someone to add equipment to your Tailscale account, but don't want to give them your Google details, etc. Simply click “Use Pre-Auth Key”, enter or paste the Auth key in the box and hit connect.

Aux Source layout manager

• Create custom layouts for your Aux Source using a simple drag and drop GUI now available in the Aux Source configuration page.

Additional Changes or Improvements

Multi-RTMP is now called Multi Stream and now accepts SRT caller and listener URLs as well as RTMP/RTMPS URLs for destinations.

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