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Firmware v1.5 Released with a special suprise from EnDeCo!


Firmware v1.5 release brings a truck load of improvements and features for EnDeCo One & Two.

Along with improvements to system efficiency and UI additions, SRT options and entirely new
sections of toys, we mean tools, we have been able to bring something extra with firmware release 5!

==== NDI|HX ====

Previously, NDI|HX encoding and decoding was enabled with an additonal license purchase, which we've
now scraped and will include for free on EnDeCo One & Two!

When you upgrade to v1.5, you'll find a NDI tab in the Streams section and a NDI|HX Decoder tool under
the Tools menu.

Along with the extra features, this brings even more value to the EnDeCo family and we'll be working to
bring even more in the near future. So stay tuned!

The EnDeCo Team
Creative Broadcast Solutions

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